pacemyself (pacemyself) wrote in odyssey5,

Community Promo

scifiland // info // apply for a team
An interactive challenge community for lovers of SciFi television!
Apply for a team and compete in challenges to win points for your team.

I would love to see some Odyssey 5 fans over there :)
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Deleted comment

:D I'd prefer to call it "dedicated". I'm a little new to all these land comms too, but I think their competition cycles are 3 months long so... maybe if you have some free time later?

Okay, I confess, I'd just love someone around there who remembers this show. I still love it.

Deleted comment

Ohh, thanks for letting me know. I tried to follow apocabigbang from the beginning but I just got bogged down with school/work/RL. *off to read*