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We're FINALLY going to get to see the rest of the season. Unfortunately there probably won't be any new episodes, but at least we get some kind of closure. From an IGN Filmforce article:
Odyssey 5 was launched with great expectations in June, 2002 along with the final Showtime season of SG-1 and the second season of Jeremiah. When the series went on hiatus halfway through its 20-episode run, viewers were left to wonder about the fate of the crew and their attempt to prevent the imminent destruction of the Earth. Series creator and producer Manny Coto moved over to Paramount's Star Trek: Enterprise last season as a co-producer and will be taking over the day-to-day duties of running that show for its fourth season, so don't look for any more Odyssey 5 in the near or distant future.

While viewers in Canada and other countries were able to see what would be the final six episodes of the series soon after, viewers in the US have been left hanging since September of 2002. Showtime will bring the series back in September, when it will take over the three-hour block being used for Jeremiah season one repeats. This should mean that the six unaired episodes will air as part of the run but as faithful Odyssey 5 viewers know, you can't assume anything where this show's broadcast schedule is concerned.

While that sounds only vaguely promising, Showtime Too began rerunning the previously-aired episodes 3 at a time beginning with episodes 1-3 last night, and regular Showtime will begin airing the new episodes in October, in the same timeslot as Jeremiah. See September and October schedules (schedules load as PDFs) for all the Showtime channels for more details.
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i live in the uk and saw the remaining episodes.

obviously i wont spoil them them for you, but you are in for one hell of a ride. i'll love to watch it again on DVD but in the meantime i downloaded rips from the net.

just a fantastic ending to it all, but all that can wait until you've seen all the episodes!
I'm putting a set of these together on DVD

but i missed the first episode, the 8:00 spot. Anyone tape it? or have it on a Tivo and can make me a copy?

would you be able to send me a copy of the dvd???

yeah of course, i would be happy to. I'm missing the two part pilot episode, if you have it email me and we can set this up

I unfortunately don't have the pilot but I'm willing to forgoe it for now! I would really like a hard copy of the dvd rather than dowloading it as I don't have a dvd burner and no other way to get it off my computer so perhaps I could send you packaging with postage on it??? or do you have any other suggestions??? I could also get it to you through paypal if you prefer... I don't know, let me know what you'd like to do! thanks again!

Eu Só gostaria pelo menos, que os produtores produzisem um longa metragem, para dar fim a estoria, como aconteceu com o FARSCAPE. Um abraço! Eduardo Felix... Brazil.