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hello all

nice to be here.

Odyssey 5 was a fantastic show and i saw a lot of what i'd learn during my degree appear in the various episodes.

it was intelligent and actually quite intresting, but a huge shame that it's been cancelled - boo!
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Hi, welcome to the community :)

Completely agree - Odyssey 5 is one of the best shows I've ever seen. *sigh*
just another decent show in a long line of decent shows that get cancelled.

seen "Firefly", "John Doe" and "Now and Again" - its enough to make my blood boil sometimes, particularly when there's crap like "Enterprise" still on the air
Hmm. You do know Manny Coto is involved with Enterprise now, right? ;) Which explains the big improvement the show's taken in season three...
but who is Manny Coto?

i could look it up, but im a little rushed at the moment!