BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote in odyssey5,


Hi there!

I just recently got the full run of O5 on VCD and wanted to just pop one in last night to make sure they all worked. Three hours later...


Anyway, just wanted to say hello and see if anyone is still hanging around this comm if I had any questions or just wanted to gush in general. Hope to talk to you guys soon!
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we're still here.
Very cool! I'm sure I'll be harassing you all with questions and squee as I make my way through the eps!
yep. ive seen the whole series but not for a while - am too busy with other stuff at the moment unfortunately.

ive got all the episodes as well on VCD so its just a matter of finding the time.

did you see all the episodes?
No, haven't seen all the eps yet. I just got the VCD's last week and watched the first 3. I'm sure you'll be seeing me around much more as time goes on!

I'm here! I'm still working on adding content to my fan site, and 6 new short stories will be added to the fan fiction section this week.
*waves back*

Hey! I've actually heard your name quite a bit from byob_kenobi so it's nice to finally meet you!

Please let me know when you've got everything going for the fansite. I'd love to check it out. I only watched the first 3 eps last week but I can definitely see wanting to write fic for it so I'l love to take a peek at stuff that's been done already.

Again - nice to meet you!
The site is up: Odyssey 5, and the ficathon storeis should go up today at lunch!
oh my god... hey, there. i realise you posted this YEARS ago, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE odyssey 5! um, yeah. HI! i know you from SPN fandom.
heeeeeeeeeee - HI! and yeah, O5 is awesome!!
oh, hell yes! have you written any fic in the fandom? man, neil and chuck sure have issues - sam and john sometimes seem like a real happy family compared to them. EEEeee!
omg, SUCH ISSUES, yes *g*

and I've only written one O5 fic for yuletide one year, here:


thats it though!
*loves* i'm so excited! i'm trying hard to get all my people into O5, but it's not that easy to find in australia! actually, my partner and i first discovered it when we were in the netherlands a year and a half ago - it was playing on tv late at night, and we were partaking of the local delicacies, and i was all 0_________________o DUDE! SO MUCH CRAPTASTIC! (i think it was episode 2) but it stuck in my mind, and kept sticking, and eventually the chanc to buy the dvds came up and IT HAD TO BE DONE! hee!
hey! i just wrote a teeny O5/SPN crossover: the choices we make. it's kind of dark, but it's ash-centric, and we know how much i love ash. A LOT.